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Shell Marie

Michelle Robinson / Specialised Kinesiologist

  • Potent, monthly maintenance session- to liberate & lead your life of alignment

  • All sessions are online so wherever you are month to month, you have access to transformation that will positively impact you every day wherever you are in the world.

  • Direct debited each month so all you have to focus on is getting excited when those email reminders arrive and noting down any glass ceilings you are ready to bust

Why Choose Shell Marie Kinesiology?

Over 7 Years of Specialised Kinesiology Education

Unlock your potential with Shell Marie Kinesiology—a leader in liberated living and self-healing. With over 7 years of elite training and guided by Shell Marie's personal journey of overcoming anxiety, our unique approach addresses energetic imbalances, releasing trapped emotions that hinder self-belief and confidence. Experience the profound effects of personalized sessions tailored to your needs, restoring optimal balance to your nervous system and empowering your path of growth. Targeting the energetic source of pain and empowerment, Shell Marie Kinesiology helps you seize life and refuse to settle for less

Helped over 1000s of People All Over the World

Shell Marie Kinesiology has empowered and transformed the lives of thousands of individuals from 7 different countries across the globe. Through specialized online sessions, clients have witnessed firsthand the profound impact of Shell Marie's techniques in addressing the core sources of their inner struggle. By delving deep into the body's wisdom, these sessions unlock greater clarity, confidence, and a profound sense of "coming home" to oneself, strengthening the connection to their innate self-worth. Experience the transformative power of Shell Marie Kinesiology and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

The Convenience of Wherever You Are

The transformative potency and rapid results of our Kinesiology sessions are accessible to clients all around the world. Regardless of your location, you can tap into the profound energy shifting and deep authentic self-confidence offered by our specialized techniques. Whether you're at home, at work, or traveling, embrace the convenience and effectiveness of our global Kinesiology sessions. Unblock what holds you back and achieve remarkable breakthroughs, no matter where you are on the map.

Main Benefits of Kinesiology

Alleviating Stress from It's Root Sources

This mind-blowing modality that delves into your subconscious to identify the impressions that have kept your body in constant survival mode. By tapping into the wisdom of your own subconscious intelligence, we release the struggle from its core, leading to a profound transformation of self-confidence, self-understanding, and self-belief. Experience a revitalized version of yourself, filled with renewed energy and empowerment, as you embrace each day with a greater sense of authenticity and purpose.

Your Body Holds All the Answers You Need

Throughout our lives, we've often overlooked the incredible wisdom and communication residing within our own bodies. Our physical, mental, and emotional states are intertwined, reflecting our inner tapestry. When our subconscious flows with ease, the rest of our being follows suit. However, unresolved stress within our body triggers protective mechanisms, disrupting our balance and increasing our state of compensation until it's been resolved. By addressing these triggers at their core, we release the tension and allow our body to harmonize, restoring optimal health. Through our transformative approach, we delve into the depths of your subconscious, unblocking trapped emotions and experiences at its . As we alleviate root causes, deep self-confidence, understanding, and belief emerge.

Return to A More Easeful & Driven State After Every Session

Experience immediate relief after every session as we skillfully target and release stress stored in the subconscious body, unraveling its root sources. By deactivating coping mechanisms and sabotaging behaviors, profound understanding of their origins unfolds. This newfound awareness fosters compassion for oneself, others, and the surrounding circumstances, gently dismantling the barriers that once shielded you. With a psyche and nervous system that feels nurtured and secure, you can confidently embrace vulnerability, allowing for deep healing and self-acceptance to flourish

Unlock Authentic Happiness & Confidence

Unlock Your Authentic Happiness & Confidence. By shifting your body out of the constant survival mode, you awaken a deep sense of potential within yourself. Aligned with your innate self-worth, you start to recognize your deservingness and expand your actions, effortlessly receiving and embracing the flow of life with trust. You become aware that everything begins and ends with your reactions and responses. Are you in a state of empowerment or disempowerment? This pivotal question will guide you toward fulfilling your true desires. Embrace your authentic state of happiness and reclaim your power to create a fulfilling life.

Shell Marie Kinesiology