Shell Marie Kinesiology Ultimate Package -

10 Session Package

You have let go of so many decades of coping mechanisms and NOW it's time to strip the rest and live your mind boggling best. For real.

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Every Session is Brought Down to -


Single Sessions are usually $297.


Discover the hidden reasons behind those repetitive behaviours that are preventing you from experiencing true happiness. Dive into the life-altering accuracy of Shell Marie Kinesiology, where we directly tap into your subconscious, exposing the very core of these patterns

Gain a profound understanding of your reactions and why you keep facing the same challenges in your life. You hold the key to your transformation. Instead of blaming yourself, realize that YOU are the ANSWER to something GREATER.

Take back control of your life, break free from limitations, and manifest your deepest desires. It all starts with embracing the extraordinary intelligence within you.

You are immensely powerful, and with SMK, you will witness profound positive changes in every aspect of your life. Don't wait any longer; your ultimate transformation awaits!

With Love,

Michelle - Shell Marie Kinesiology

This is For You If -

  1. You feel disconnected from the vibrant person you once knew, and deep down, you yearn to rediscover your true inner happiness.

  2. You've been giving away your power to family, circumstances, and emotions, leaving you with a burning desire for change. You're finally saying, "Enough is enough!" and are ready to take charge of your life and create the future you truly want.

  3. You crave more from life—more success, more fulfillment, and more happiness. You recognize that seeking a deeper understanding of yourself will unlock greater levels of potential and capabilities. You already have the unwavering knowingness that YOU hold the key to your transformation and ultimate success.

Don't Wait. Nothing Changes until you change what's in your subconscious.

I am continually amazed by the profound intelligence of the subconscious in healing emotional wounds and cultivating extraordinary levels of happiness. With unwavering conviction, I believe that you hold the key to EVERYTHING you desire in life. By tapping into your limitless potential, you shape the relationships, careers, finances, and experiences that you crave, nurturing your self-value every single day. The power lies within you, and you are truly unstoppable." - Shell Marie


Shell Marie Kinesiology is based online so all sessions will be conducted virtually through zoom.

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