Liberation & Illumination: It's Time to Unlock Your Real Worth Within, with

Shell Marie Kinesiology.

Your Body Knows! Liberate your Lifetime of Woes & Witness The Wonder & Powerful Confidence you Possess with

SMK Pivotal Package

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Decode the WHY behind repetitive behaviours that hinder your happiness. Experience Shell Marie Kinesiology's profound precision as we communicate directly with your subconscious, revealing the very roots of these patterns.

Discover a deeper understanding of why you react in certain ways and why similar circumstances keep cycling in your life. You hold the key to your transformation. Instead of blaming yourself for your current reality, use this powerful knowledge to realize that YOU are the ANSWER for something GREATER.

Take charge of your life, liberate what limits you, and call in what you truly desire. It all begins with embracing the sophisticated intelligence you possess within.

You are that powerful and with SMK you will profoundly witness that with every session.

With Love,

Michelle - Shell Marie Kinesiology

This is For You If -

  • You Feel so Disconnected From the You you Once Knew & You are Ready to Come Back Home Your True inner Happiness

  • You Have Given Your Power Away to Family, Circumstances & Emotions and You've Got this Surge of Enough is Enough it's Time to Create the Life You Want

  • Seek Deeper Understanding to Access Greater Levels of Potential & Capabilities Because You Have the Unwavering Knowingess You Are the Secret Sauce to Your Success, Fulfilment & Happiness.

  • Are Ready for More. End. of. Story

Main Benefits of Kinesiology

Emotional Trauma Release:

Shell Marie Kinesiology excels in releasing deep emotional trauma by addressing its root causes. Through targeted techniques, this modality empowers individuals to let go of past pain, unresolved emotions, and sabotaging behaviours, providing a pathway to profound emotional healing.

Embrace Your True Self-Worth:

You will rediscover and come home to your innate self-worth. By connecting with your authentic self, you gain a renewed sense of confidence, self-acceptance, and empowerment, allowing you to navigate life with a stronger sense of purpose and value.

Liberation from Fear and Control:

Through the transformative journey of Shell Marie Kinesiology, you can liberate yourself from the fear of losing control and embrace the beauty of living a liberated life. By releasing self-sabotaging conditioning and emotional barricades, you cultivate a sense of inner freedom, enabling you to embrace life's uncertainties with courage and resilience.

I am continually amazed by the profound intelligence of the subconscious in healing emotional wounds and cultivating extraordinary levels of happiness. With unwavering conviction, I believe that you hold the key to EVERYTHING you desire in life. By tapping into your limitless potential, you shape the relationships, careers, finances, and experiences that you crave, nurturing your self-value every single day. The power lies within you, and you are truly unstoppable." - Shell Marie


Shell Marie Kinesiology is based online so all sessions will be conducted virtually through zoom.

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